Appearance and Design

Professional self-presentation lies in the details—and WordPress gives you a number of ways to play with visual details that will help shape the way readers encounter your writing. Of particular note here is your ability to change your header image, which can be a bit confusing unless you follow the directions below.


To play with the look of the whole site:

  • In the Dashboard, choose “Appearance” along the left hand side.
  • Choose “Themes.” Here you can choose between a few pre-set themes.
  • Choose “Customize.” Here you can play with some of the features of your chosen theme, including title, colors, and images.
  • Choose “Header.” Here you can change the image that persists across all your pages.
    • To do so, you’ll have to create an image with the exact pixel dimensions specified by the theme—before you ever upload it.
    • These dimensions will vary with theme. On “Misty Lake,” for example, the dimensions are 1015 x 276 pixels.
    • That means you’ll have to use an external photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop (purchased software) or pixlr (free online app).
      • NB: WordPress’s cropping tool won’t work for this purpose.
    • Once you have your photo file prepared, click “Add Header Image” to upload and select your new Header.