IMG_1374In this online portfolio you will find research, news letter articles, and a press release that were created for the use of the Brown County Community garden program. By looking at my compiled work and the progression of each project, one will get a sense of my developed skills of being able to write different genres, write concisely, formulate concrete arguments, and work effectively and collaboratively in a team oriented setting. I was able to achieve this level of proficient writing through the professional writing course offered at St. Norbert College, and it’s offered opportunity of being able to partner with the non-profit organization Brown County Community Gardens. We were tasked with writing a body of research reports, to perform interviews, create a newsletter, while also being individually tasked with independent projects which consisted of a variety of genres such as grant proposals, commercial scripts, and in my case, a press release. In here you will find my contributions to the newsletter as well as my press release I have created, along with research reports and comments on my writing process.