Welcome to the template for your Professional Writing portfolio. Using this website, you will present your semester’s work (or more!) to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments as a writer in a real-world professional setting.

The target audience: a potential employer. You will retain control over this website in the years to come, and you may in fact use it for just this purpose! The aim here is to make it clear that you possess a handful of deliberate strategies for producing successful writing in a professional context. Show your reader the value of those strategies by explaining the materials presented in this course, and how they shaped your documents. Don’t hesitate to read and cite any of the academic materials presented in this course as part of this discussion. Use the tools I presented you to analyze your own writing.

To do so successfully, you will need to offer:

  • An overall Cover Letter that makes a clear argument about the effectiveness of your writing in this course. This introduces the portfolio, which will support your claims by showing off the materials you’ve developed this semester, and any associated data.
  • A short Professional Biography that outlines your individual identity as a young professional. This is not a general biography, but a concise account of your professional role in this project. You’ll be asked to upload a current Résumé as well.
  • A presentation of your Team and its project for the semester. This should only include your Project Proposal, any associated memos about its evaluation, as well as a discussion of how that project developed. This is also a good place to discuss how your group collaborated to accomplish the work.
  • Further tabs/pages that collect and discuss your bodies of writing. What these will be will depend on your project and work this semester. These might include research documents and reports or formal letters. They might include a body of professional emails or even a substantive discussion of a single document. If you took part in any designed and published work, don’t hesitate to explain your role in shaping it. Most of you can—and probably should—create a separate space to explain how you collaborated with others to enhance our social media presence.

As you can see from the tabs above, your website is already structured as a template of a portfolio that accomplishes all these tasks. This template, however, is just a starting point. You are encouraged to reorganize it in whatever way you think best organizes the information you want to convey, and presents your work in the best light. To this end please make sure you are making the best use of all the WordPress Tools available to you.