As you read the documents in my portfolio, it will become abundantly clear that I am an effective writer. I have demonstrated this through my ability to write clearly and concisely so that my audience will understand and find meaning in my work.

In this portfolio, you will see that I have written various professional documents including research reports, newsletter articles and a press release for Brown County Community Gardens. Through the creation of these works, I have proved that I can write effective “inward-facing” and “outward-facing” documents. Those documents display my knowledge of how to adjust my tone and writing style to relay my message most effectively to the audience. Every successful writer must learn to change their tone and style according to the type of document and audience which will be reading the work.

When reading my work, you will notice that I am a very clear and concise writer. I realize that it is the writer’s responsibility to take their research and filter it to make it understandable for the audience. Without doing this, there is no value in your writing, because readers cannot find meaning in it. However, it is important that a writer does not “dumb down” their writing. One must respect the intelligence of their readers and not insult them by oversimplifying ideas throughout their writing.