Fall 2017

This semester, ENGL 306 partnered with Brown County Community Gardens to enhance and support the work of the Friends of the Community Gardens—a new 501c3 aiming to create a million-dollar endowment to protect, support, and grow community gardening locally. Their project was to design and execute a fundraiser, keeping track of their writing and measuring its effectiveness. The full scope of this work is reflected in the following student portfolios.

  • Abigail McIntyre
  • Brendan Healy
  • Charlotte Bliss
  • Danielle Gardner
  • Emily Boland
  • Hanna Reinke
  • Jasmine Babineaux
  • Joel Krawczyk
  • Katherine de Guia
  • Katie Hopkins
  • Mack Ziegler
  • Tyler Radant
  • Virginia Turner.