Independent Project

As part of this Professional Writing course I was responsible for an independent project in which I created a two to three minute video script for a public service announcement entitled, “How to Start a Community Garden”. I developed several documents for this project including a detailed proposal of the project, a newsletter article discussing tips for growing a personal garden, a research report discussing the NEWEYE Initiative, a research report detailing how to create a community garden, and the two to three minute script as the final project.

The Project Proposal organized and described what documents were needed to produce the independent project as well as a timeline of when the documents needed to be completed. I followed the timeline I laid out for myself, produced three separate documents, and finally created the final document of the project which was the two to three minute video script.

The Newsletter Article utilizes information I had found in previous research reports. It also incorporates quotes from an interview I had previously conducted with actual gardeners active in Brown County Community Gardens.  

I put together two research reports for this independent project. One discussing the NEWEYE Initiative and one about How to Start a Community Garden. The first research report determines what the NEWEYE Initiative is and how BCCG would work with the initiative to produce the two to three minute video script. It also briefly discusses different local television networks that the public service announcement might be aired. The second research report goes in depth and provides the logistical information needed to get a new community garden location up and running as part of Brown County Community Gardens. It addresses all of the needs that must be met by the people putting together a new site.

The Final Project was the production of the two to three minute video script describing how to start a new community garden within Brown County Community Gardens. This public service announcement will be beneficial to Brown County Community Gardens because it will provide direction and encouragement to members of Brown County to come together and establish new community gardens. It will also encourage current members to continue gardening, lessen the confusion otherwise associated with trying to establish a new community garden, and the public service announcement will act as an advertisement for all Brown County Community Gardens programs.