This portfolio demonstrates my effective and professional writing skills through many different avenues such as researching, compiling useful data into several research reports, preparing different newsletter articles, and group collaboration as well as being responsible for an independent project.

This portfolio is a demonstration of my work as an individual, but also of my work as part of a collaborative effort. Throughout the course I worked with my classmates as a team to produce clear, relevant, and useful pieces of writing for Brown County Community Gardens. When working with a team it is important to keep in mind that even if the information found is not useful in regards to one particular project that does not mean that the information will not be useful for a different project.

I was also responsible for an independent project in which I created a two to three minute video script for a public service announcement entitled, “How to Start a Community Garden”. I developed several documents for this project including a detailed proposal of the project. It organized and described what documents were needed to produce the independent project as well as a timeline of when the documents needed to be completed. I followed the timeline I laid out for myself, produced three separate documents, and finally created the final document of the project which was the two to three minute video script.

I can ask relevant and pointed questions in order to find useful research and develop a set of documents that can be referenced now and in the future. Some of the research reports I wrote were not as useful as others, but that is okay. For example, I wrote one research report that discusses how the gardeners can preserve produce through canning. This information was not directly useful my independent project, but it was used to write an article for the newsletter. It is better to generate more material that can possibly be used than it is not to have enough information at a person’s disposal.

On a more technical level, I can break down an argument and control sentence structure to produce clarity for an audience. This is a useful skill to have when relaying new, complicated, or difficult information to an audience. A piece of writing that is written clearly will allow for a higher rate of understanding and will help in the productivity of the piece of writing.

All in all, this portfolio is the product of my skills as a professional writer and these documents will be used to help Brown County Community Gardens in their endeavors as an organization.