I am graduating St. Norbert college as a young professional. I have taken multiple courses, including this professional writing course, that have helped me to become an efficient writer. I have acquired several strengths in the academic and professional work which include researching skills, organizational skills, and collaborative skills.

As shown in this professional writing WordPress portfolio I have demonstrated these skills through a variety of research reports, newsletter articles, project proposals, and video scripts. These documents will be used by Brown County Community Gardens and the research reports will be used as a reference in the years to come.

Over the course of my four years at St. Norbert College I have written countless papers including in depth research papers, seminar papers, and academic papers focusing on several different literary theories. I have also had experience with writing for media such as newspaper reports, video scripts, and I have conducted interviews.

I have participated in St. Norbert College’s Undergraduate Research Collaborative where I designed an independent study, worked with a professor to conduct research, and presented the findings via PowerPoint presentation to faculty and students within the college. I also presented an academic paper at the Collaborative which was selected to be on a panel at the 2016 Convention as part of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society.

In the future, I see myself utilizing these skills and experiences in my professional life as well as continuing to learn through hands on experience and application. These are not skills to be learned once and then forget, but instead are skills that should be built upon to enhance myself further.