Project Overview

Our Goal

The overall goal of this project was to fundraise for an endowment for the Brown County UW-Extension Community Garden program (BCCG). The BCCG had already raised $7,865. They needed $10,000 to open an endowment, so all that was left to raise was $2,135. Originally, my class’s task was to raise that money for them. However, after careful consideration by all parties involved, they decided that a better course of action to take would be for the Professional Writing course to raise $1,067.50 and the BCCG to raise the other half. To achieve this goal, the students in this course were divided into five groups: Marketing and Logistics, Sponsor and Donor Relations, Visioning and Editing, Research and Resource Development, and Advertising and Media Relations.

Joel Krawczyk and I made up the Research and Resource Development committee. Our job, essentially, was to consolidate the information from both the White Paper and the bibliography to create Research Briefs with topics related or important to community gardening. In total we created six briefs. I wrote four and Joel wrote two. These can be viewed in more detail on the Research Briefs page. The overview of our committee goal is outlined in our project proposal. I spearheaded this proposal, which is why it can also be viewed on in the Professional Documents tab under Proposal. Our work was used as a reference for much of the items the other committees created. The Research Brief packet will be used by the BCCG to help them fundraise in the future, specifically by finding sponsors.