Community Gardening Presentation

…And Now the Climax

This presentation specifically targetted the research briefs and made them useful to St. Norbert College (SNC) students who were not taking the Professional Writing course. Dr. Drew Scheler, Bethany Thier, Margaret Franchino, and I all presented on community gardening. Margaret Franchino presented the history of community gardening, whereas Dr. Scheler, Bethany, and I presented on the benefits of those community gardens. This presentation satisfied the SNC students’ education and service event requirement. Each student organization on campus is required to attend a certain amount of education events and service events. In order to target these organizations, we enlisted the help of Jasmine Babineaux, a fellow Professional Writing student as well as an employee of the LSE office. The LSE office is responsible for all the student organizations. The presentation itself started out with Maragaret getting the audience involved in a history activity. From there Dr. Scheler and I presented a powerpoint, Education Event PPT, that outlined the benefits of community gardening. I presented specifically, on the national and international research on community gardening, whereas Dr. Scheler presented on the local research. The information in the powerpoint is presented through the topics of each of the research briefs.