Cover Letter

To whom it may concern:

My Professional Writing Class was given the opportunity to help raise money for the Brown County UW-Extension Community Garden Program’s (BCCG) endowment. As one of the two members assigned to the research and resource development team, one of the sub-committees created as part of the course’s goal to raise roughly $1,000 for BCCG, Joel Krawczyk and I were in charge of consolidating and, in some cases, finding relevant information for this fundraising project. This research was then translated into research briefs for easier access to my fellow students as well as community members outside of the St. Norbert College (SNC) campus, particularly the volunteers and employees of the BCCG and UW-Extension. These briefs highlighted both the national as well as the local research available for certain topics applicable to the mission and vision of the fundraising project. In order to write coherently and organize efficiently, I had to have previous writing experience, specifically in summaries. I had to be able to summarize the relevant information within the research as well as relate this information back to the goals of our fundraiser. I also had to recognize pertinent and useful research for my fellow peers to utilize for their own projects and ideas.

This research is what spearheaded a project my professor and I completed two Sundays before the official fundraising event (Giving Tuesday). Dr. Drew Scheler and I had the opportunity to present our research on community gardening to SNC students for one of their required education and service events. This presentation defined community gardening for the students as well as described the benefits community gardening has on the community. The research Joel and I consolidated was also used specifically for an infographic that the Marketing and Logistics Team requested. This infographic was used to inform SNC students and faculty as well as community members in the Brown County area. This infographic was also used to inform a large corporation within the Green Bay area in order to convince them to sponsor our fundraising project.

Many community and SNC faculty members attended our classes in the beginning of the semester to provide us information on how to adequately fundraise for, but also publicize, the BCCG program. Their knowledge and experiences is what helped inform my own professional writing, specifically in regards to the infographic and the presentation. The Marketing and Logistics Team gave Joel and I some direction for their desired infographic, but also gave us quite a lot of creative liberty. Personally, I had to use my own experiences as well as the information provided for me by the community and faculty members to recognize and interpret what the community at large will respond to the best. The same can be said for the presentation. I had to recall my own knowledge of campus proceedings and student life to inform my fellow SNC students of community gardening in the best possible way. The research briefs required more of my knowledge from previous English courses rather than the knowledge gained in the first few weeks of this Professional Writing course.

My experiences and my work show potential employers my dedication and my resilience. Everything from the proposal to the presentation has been influences by my own and others experiences, thus proving that I can learn from myself just as much as I can learn from others.


Virginia Turner