College and Travel

I was born July 12th, 1997 in St. Louis, Missouri. My father was, at this time, only in the Army reserves. He was commissioned in 1990, but stopped being active duty not long after my mother and father married. During the third year of my life, the 9/11 tragedy occurred and my father felt compelled to become active duty again. He deployed, came back, and we left for Daegu, South Korea. I was only there for a year before we moved only three hours north to Seoul, South Korea. We lived there for two years. At this time I had just finished third grade. Not long after, we moved to Stuttgart, Germany for three years. It was in Germany where I began my first year of middle school. I finished out my middle school years in Fort Hood, Texas. From Fort Hood, we moved back to Seoul, which is where I spent the first three years of my high school career. I finished High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. My family lived in Hawaii for two years, but for me, one of those years was spent in De Pere, Wisconsin at St. Norbert College. The summer between my freshmen and sophomore year, we moved to the Great Lakes Naval Station in North Chicago. We currently live there now, but my parents will surely be moving in a year or so.

My collegiate career has not been as travel-heavy as the first eighteen years of my life. However, it has been just as exciting. I declared my major to be English my first semester of college. The second semester is when I declared my minor in Classical Studies. It was also in the first semester where I joined a sorority. Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity is where I gained the most leadership experience. I have held six positions since I was initiated, including Treasurer and now President. It was also through my sorority where I experienced many volunteering opportunities. Theta Phi Alpha owns a strip of highway on Ashland Ave. in Ashwaubenon. We clean this highway ever semester. We also volunteer at Paul’s Pantry ever semester as well. We usually help them with packaging. I was also a part of a separate volunteering program my sophomore year. This program was associated with the dormitory I lived in. We were required to complete 30 hours of service over the course of the year. My suite mates and I were paired with St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Store, where we were tasked with checking out families with clothing and furniture cards. My first semester, junior year, is when I began my Professional Writing course. It is in this course where I gained even more volunteering experience. I volunteered my time for three shifts, where I sold raffle tickets to both St. Norbert College students and faculty. I still have three more semesters before I complete college, but I fully expect to continue volunteering as much as I can as well as applying myself to every class I have to take to complete both my degrees.

My Resume outlines all of my volunteering and work experience as well as some of my skills and activities.