Hello and Welcome

This website is a space where I can provide and discuss my written and participatory work that I completed in my Professional Writing course. On this website I will be presenting my work chronologically. The first tab you will see is my Cover Letter, this page will give you insight into what I learned over the course of this semester and how it benefited me. The next tab, you will notice, is my Biography. Here I will explain my experiences and my interests, focussing more on my travels and my collegiate career. The Project Overview tab will describe in detail the project my class was tasked with helping to accomplish. This project was the goal of the entire class and everything we did was to achieve that goal. My Professional Documents is where you will find the work that I am the proudest to share. This is work that I had a direct hand in achieving. The first document you will find is the Proposal, this was also the first thing my team was tasked with completing. Next, you’ll find the Research Briefs, these are documents that my team worked on continuously over the course of the class. Finally, you’ll find the Community Gardening Presentation. This is something that was a direct reaction to the research briefs.


-Virginia Turner