Project Overview

The job of the Marketing and Logistics team, consisting of Jasmine Babineaux, Charlotte Bliss, and myself, was to coordinate and set up the donation station that would operate each Tuesday in November of 2017. In doing so, our work consisted of figuring out the best to way market the fundraiser and not who we targeted for donating but how they should donate. Our Marketing and Logistics Proposal outlines how we would do just that and how exactly it would impact or bring awareness to community gardens.

Conclusively, we arranged several sponsorship proposals that allowed us to market the fundraiser through with various forms of posters, brochures, infographics, and hand outs.

As for the logistics for how people should donate, we decided that students, faculty, and staff would be more interesting in donating using their Meal Dollars that are stored electronically than to donate actual cash. Much like people are more willing to donate using a debit or credit card.

As a result, our goal was to raise $500 between November 7th and November 20th leading up to Giving Tuesday. We planned on doing so by hosting several donation stations in the evening and afternoon outside the college’s cafeteria as well as hosting a donation station for our campaign to ‘Grow A Meal’ in Dale’s Sports Lounge, a late night restaurant attached to the cafeteria.

With these donation stations and our sponsorship proposal for printing funds, were able to exceed our $500 goal that obtained through our donation stations.