Professional Documents 2

Proposal Emails

An important aspect of the project is reflecting on your success at the end of the campaign. And being able to see the responses I got from both Drew Scheler, our professor and mediator between our class and the BCCG and FCG, and Beth Thier who was the graphic designer for all of our work and printing was extremely rewarding. Knowing that what was created and all the printing materials had a positive impact as well as the asks that I made when presenting the proposals was most rewarding of all. Being told that I would have a lasting impact on the community and within the organizations is something I am beyond grateful and was one of the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the semester.

By producing these asks and the proposals it created, for the BCCG and FCG, a successful guideline for which they could use to make asks for other potential sponsors in the future. To me that is tremendous. And goes beyond anything that I thought I could achieve at the beginning of this course. Which goes to show that putting in the effort and believing that the effort will have an impact goes a long way and the results may surprise you.