Professional Documents 1

Emmaus Proposal and Sturzl Center Proposal

Attached at the top you will find the Emmaus and Sturzl Proposal. The goal of this proposal, and as a team, was to present a document to a department head at the college that would produce a sponsorship to help us market our efforts. The money this sponsorship would offer would be used for printing the materials we needed to market our fundraiser and campaign.

Without this proposal and ultimately the Emmaus Center and Sturzl Center’s approval for the sponsorships, being able to produce the posters, handouts, etc. would not have been possible. We simply did not have the money ourselves to allocate towards printing.

In order to make these documents effective a writing tool that I used throughout the documents was concision. Being able to write straight to the point, ask what needed to be asked, and provide just enough what needed to be provided offered the people at the Struzl Center a clear picture of what it was we needed and why we needed it. It was to the point without useless information that would otherwise distract from the main purpose of the proposal.

In addition, I was able to seek out common themes between the Sturzl and Emmaus Center’s mission statements and our mission as a class, the BCCG, the FCG. In doing so, it stylistically created a document that not only benefited our efforts but also benefited and supported what both centers sought out to achieve in their daily lives. Therefore, I presented the proposal in such a way that gave truth to the fact that both our campaign and the centers missions were striving for the same goals.

In the end, the proposal proved successful as the collectively the sponsorships allocated a total of $150 that would cover the entire cost of our fundraiser’s printing needs. This in turn allowed us to market our fundraising and mission through numerous forms of flyers, handouts, and posters that attracted the audience that we wanted to attract so that they were able to make the donations we needed to support our efforts.