Project Overview

I was a member of the advertising team for this fundraiser. Our team of three worked hard together to get the word out about all of the great things our class was doing. We raised awareness about the fundraiser, and created buzz on, and off, St. Norbert campus.

Here was our advertising outline. (Advertising Memo)

We collaborated at the beginning of the semester to set an advertising plan. This plan involved the use of social media, as well as creating awareness through emails. Once my team had a plan in place, we did not need to collaborate as intensively going forward. The three of us had individual tasks, and goals to achieve throughout the semester. My largest task was reaching out to St. Norbert College organizations through email. The purpose of these emails was to raise awareness about our fundraiser, and also ask for help in some regards. Every great fundraiser riles, to some extent, on the generosity of others, and this one was no different. Some of my emails asked organizations for help spreading the word via social media. This is a very effective networking tool. When organizations shared our social media posts it broadened the reach of our fundraiser.The more people who know about a fundraiser, the more people that can be potential donors. Because of how much our reach was widened by my emails, my work was very valuable.