Emails Regarding Social Media

Here you will find the emails that were written for the purpose of St. Norbert College organizations who we believed could benefit us on social media. Another member of the advertising team was tasked with posting fundraising information on social media, and then I was able to get organizations to spread the word by liking, sharing, and further spreading the posts.


Dear Sturzl Center,

I am writing to you on behalf of The Friends of the Community Gardens Fundraiser. Drew Scheler’s English 306 class is involved in a very exciting on campus fundraising effort, that will help to sustain and grow local community gardens programs. Community gardens are places where people can rent reasonably priced plots of land, so that they can grow their own food. This is highly beneficial to people of low income, who do not possess land of their own.

Because of the Sturzl Center’s passion for the community, we see you as valuable on campus allies regarding our fundraiser. We have already begun advertising for some of our fundraising efforts on facebook. We would appreciate it if you would join us on facebook, and help us spread the word by giving us a like/sharing some of our posts.

If you would like to help us to “Grow Better Together” in any other capacity, please feel free to reach out to myself, or my professor


ENGL 306 Advertising Team


Dear Becky,

I am a member of Drew Scheler’s English 306 class, and we are working on a fundraiser in partnership with The Friends of the Community Gardens organization. We are orchestrating lots of great fundraising efforts here on campus.Because of the Emmaus Center’s passion for the community we see you as a valuable on campus ally regaurding our fundraiser. If you would like to see the finer details of the fundraiser turn to the attatched press release.    

We have started advertising on facebook, but we would love for some help spreading the word. If you could use the Emmaus Center facebook to share some of our content we would be greatly appreciative! If you would be willing to help us to “Grow Better Together” please email me, or my professor