Cover Letter


In the Fall semester of 2017 I was given the opportunity to challenge myself as a writer in ways that I had not previously fathomed. This opportunity took the shape of a fundraising effort that bonded both students, and professionals. My English 306 classmates, and I, took on the task of using our writing skills to brainstorm, create, and execute a fully developed fundraiser. In conjunction with The Friends of the Community Gardens organization, it was our goal to raise a few thousand dollars. In the end we surpassed our goals, and our work culminated with the raising of $3,464

When my class sought out to put our writing to the test in a professional setting, we were assigned designated roles. I was placed in the Advertising group. This was a group placement that I was very comfortable, and content with, seeing that my skills in communication are some of my best. My largest task was getting St. Norbert campus organizations involved, and aware, of our fundraiser. I wrote professional emails to 6 different organizations. Each of these emails was specifically crafted to cater to the values, and principles of the group contacted. My emails persuaded multiple groups to further share our fundraising information on social media. This act of sharing our information on social media widened our reach tremendously. I also wrote letter to Nick Evenson. This was a letter that thanked Nick for supporting our fundraiser by generously sponsoring our “Growing Tuesday” raffle event, and hosting the event at Dale’s Sports Lounge.

I used my communication skills in other facets of the fundraiser as well. I attended multiple meetings where I helped represent the Advertising team. In these meetings I was an active member of discussion, and helped to explain what my group visioned to achieve. Another communication based task that I excelled in was operating a raffle booth alongside one other classmate. The booth was located in the atrium of St. Norbert College’s cafeteria, where foot traffic was high. We were tasked with reaching out to the people walking by, and asking if they would like to purchase a raffle ticket, where the money would further support our fundraiser. I was very outspoken, and managed to get a great percentage of students to stop, and purchase tickets. The booth that I helped run was a great success, and in just a few hours we raised awareness about our fundraiser, and sold many raffle tickets.