Communication is a strength of mine. I have always had an easy time getting my point across during conversation. This is a trait that has benefited me academically, socially, and in the jobs/service I have immersed myself in. A notable example of my ability to communicate is my radio show at St. Norbert College. I give in depth sports coverage twice a week, and use my ability to communicate to my advantage. I type myself an outline before each show so that I hit all of the topics that I want to, but besides that I am speaking my thoughts unfiltered. Stringing together a strong point, or an argument comes as second nature to me vocally, but this semester I was challenged to communicate equally effectively using writing.

When I’m speaking to make a point, I have the freedom to add inflection in my voice to help deliver my message. In writing you do not have that ability. This makes word choice even more important. In order to drive home a specific message, using writing, your word choice must be very precise. In my English 306 fundraising effort, I was assigned to write emails to campus organizations at St. Norbert College. Since emails are meant to be generally brief, concision became a very important feature of my writing. In each of the emails that I wrote, I told student organizations about how our fundraiser might be of significance to them, and then I asked them to help us in a way that was specific to each group. In order for the organizations to feel inspired to help our fundraising effort, it was very important that I show them how the Brown County Community Gardens (BCCG) organization was meaningful to them. I researched campus organizations to zero in on what their mission was, and what type of activities they partake in. Once I had a good idea of what is important to the campus organizations, I was able to angle my ask using the similarities between the campus organization and the (BCCG).  In a spoken conversation I would be able to show sincerity with the tone of my voice, but in writing creating a tone is more complex. I achieved sincerity in my emails by selecting words that the campus organizations would connect with.

In my English 306 class, at St. Norbert College, I grew as a writer. Writing is simply a mode of communication, and I learned many helpful ways of communicating from this experience. My audible communication is strong, but my ability to communicate through writing is growing rapidly.

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