Professional Documents

Explore the links below to read my team’s completed documents as well as individual analyses of their effectiveness and impact.

The Waseda Farms proposal was written specifically to apply for the chance to become the November donee for Waseda’s Skip-the-Bag program. Find out how we were able to work under changing responsibilities and deadlines here.

The sponsor and donor packet was the ultimate effort of the Sponsor and Donor relations team, written to be able to use by FCG in raising funds long after our ENGL 306 class has finished. Our work on this document illustrates our team’s ability to work collaboratively with our community partner, thus participating in ethical community work.

Finally, this thank-you letter written to President and Dr. Bruess demonstrates the importance of and our ability to keep up professional relationships even after donations have been made, as well as Danielle Gardener’s and my ability to create well-written text in need of little revision by lead editor Drew Scheler.

Roam and enjoy.