Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This semester, my abilities as a professional writer grew on account of partaking in the ENGL 306 Professional Writing Class at St. Norbert College (SNC). This community engaged course worked together with the Friends of the Community Gardens (FCG) to engage in ethical participatory action research and create a successful #givingtuesday fundraiser to help protect, support, and grow community gardening in the greater Green Bay area.

FCG is a budding non-profit organization in Brown County and in order to realize their goal of creating food security and equality through community gardening, they need to open up an endowment as a source of stable funding. To help in this endeavor, the ENGL 306 class split up into teams jumpstart their fundraising this fall.

As a member of the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team, my teammates Danielle Gardener, Abigail McIntyre and I were responsible for creating the FCG Sponsor and Donor Packet—a multifaceted document integral to garnering funds from large scale donors and corporate sponsors. Effectively writing that document necessitated that my teammates and use rhetoric and clear problem framing appropriate to the larger community that would ensure that the document would be of use in years to come.

We knew that a document written without any involvement from FCG would result in a product that ran the risk of not meeting our community partners needs, so we made it our task to engage with FCG throughout the entire writing process in a collaborator model that ensured both parties were actively engaged in the creation of the packet and FCG could fully take ownership of it when completed.

In addition to the Sponsor and Donor Packet, our team also wrote a successful proposal to Waseda Farms to become the November donee for their Skip-the-Bag charity drive, and Danielle and I also wrote a thank-you note to President of SNC Brian Bruess and his wife Dr. Carol Bruess thanking them for their generous donation to FCG as well as their support for our class’ community engaged work. Both of these documents were created with an emphasis on internal collaboration as well as concise rhetoric that communicated clearly with the target audience.

Overall, these documents and our work as the Sponsor and Donor Relations team helped ensure the success of FCG’s #givingtuesday drive, and contributed to an estimated $3,464 in donations for the endowment as well as over $6000 in estimated sponsorships.

And so, with great aplomb, I invite you to delve into my portfolio and examine the fruitful processes that contributed to my growth as an effective professional writer.

Thank you,

Katie Hopkins