ArtistPhotoAs the daughter of a father who owns a marketing and brand alignment agency (Imaginasium) and a mother who teaches first grade, the importance and power of story has been impressed upon me from a young age.

I’ve always craved story from whatever avenue I could get it from: books, movies, ballet, theatre, etc. Eventually, I began to create stories, and while for me they began as fiction, story is not synonymous with fantasy, and has a real place in the non-fiction world.

After two immersive internships at Imaginasium, the most important takeaway I’ve garnered from the industry is that story is what humanizes professional writing and what makes it tick. Story is what makes professional writing successful and relatable, and thus professional writing must never needs be dry. Of course, in many cases professional writing necessitates facts and figures, but the cream of the crop is always full of heart, familiar characters, struggles, and most importantly, a call to action: the way to let your audience enter into the story themselves.

I’ve been able to create successful professional writing using story as the basis to get in to college both at St. Norbert College and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, run the St. Norbert College literary publication Graphos as co-editor, and most recently write successful blog posts for the Bush Art Center Galleries, just to name a few. It is my background in story that allowed me to positively contribute to the Friends of the Community Garden’s #givingtuesday drive.

While my future career aspirations to become a storyboard artist for feature animation lean more towards the visual, I know that being able to effectively communicate using story through writing will help me stand out from the crowd and propel me forward.

To learn more about my professional background, view my résumé here.