Hello, and welcome to my professional writing portfolio. This portfolio was created for the ENGL 306┬áProfessional Writing class at St. Norbert College and details┬ámy and my team’s collaborative efforts with the Friends of the Community Gardens to help protect, support and grow community gardening in the greater Green Bay area through the creation of a #givingtuesday fundraiser.

All polished documents presented in this portfolio were written collaboratively by the Sponsor and Donor Relations team, comprised of myself, Danielle Gardener, and Abigail McIntyre, with contributions by our lead editor, Dr. Scheler, and FCG graphic designer Bethany Thier.

To get the most out of reading this portfolio I suggest that you begin with the cover letter where I give an overview of the skills I have to offer as a professional writer based on my work in this fundraiser. From there head to either my biography or the project overview, which goes into more depth of the responsibilities of the Sponsor and Donor Relations team. Finally, to get the full sense of who I am as a professional writer, read the finished documents that I present as well as their individual analyses of their effectiveness and success.

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