Style Sheet

The need for a style sheet was addressed within the first few weeks of English 306. Our class had met with members of BCCG and other community leaders. Bethany Thier became the primary contact for Vision and Editing as she was the creator of the BCCG Style Sheet and later on the FCG Style Sheet.

Having never worked with Style Sheets before, Vision and Editing elected me to reach out to her for assistance. I started an email chain with her as well as Drew in order to give my team a starting place. After meeting with my team to go over the information Beth and Drew offered me, I suggested we start with a style board.

Style Board

A style board is something I have extensive experience with. I have created twelve style boards since starting my education at St. Norbert College thanks to my double major in Theatre Studies. Style boards are best described as some form of presentation that is based off of visual stimuli. This can include anything from color charts, sculptures, photographs, paintings, etc. They can include realistic representations or abstract ideas. The style board I created for the purposes of the BCCG fundraiser consisted mainly of realistic representations. I added an additional slide focused on font combinations as the Style Sheet we needed to produce would need to show the font parameters for the work produced by the other teams.

Style Sheet

The Style Sheet that Vision and Editing created is highly similar to the BCCG and FCG Style Sheets created by Bethany Thier. This was not an accident. While discussing the best way to present our work in a professional manner, it was agreed upon that our Style Sheet should be in unison with our two community partners. Because I viewed English 306 as a committee for BCCG and FCG and not a separate college course, I felt that using the same fonts and hex codes as BCCG and FCG would provide the best look. The similarities were also driven by the use of Google Docs, the platform the majority of the teams used to workshop their documents. As for textual formatting, we went with the formatting most popular within the fields of journalism and corporate communications, APA style.