Invention is the process of exploring all the available resources/ideas/strategies for writing a thing.

Giving Tuesday Ideas 

The original goal of English 306 was to host a fundraising on November 28th, Giving Tuesday. We did not know what kind of fundraiser we wanted to do, we had no location, and no sponsors. We were started from scratch. This document shows my personal brainstorming and research that contributed to class discussion, assisting other teams in broadening their own visions for what we as a class were capable of doing.

Project Planning

This document is comprised primarily of class notes that I took on behalf of my team. With so many moving parts in an experimental class, we wanted to be able to have a clear vision of what we were doing. This helped us further our vision for the project as well as provide coherent discussion and feedback for the other teams. Additionally, I added a resources portion to provide a small scope of who we could turn to for fundraising and sponsorships.

Class Notes

I scribed this set of notes on October 12th, fairly early on in the course. I chose this particular document to showcase because of its importance in the creation of the mission statement “Grow Better Together.” While my notes begin with generalities relating to the StyleSheet my team would create, it shifts to the need for a fundraising slogan. While the original pitched slogan was “Shortening the Food Chain,” the class agreed that it was not a desirable image. As discussion furthered, we began to pitch our own slogans. The phrases highlighted in blue text in my notes were my pitches. As you can see, “Grow Better Together” was my pitch.

Dale’s Fundraiser Outline

Using my connections with Greek Life on St. Norbert Campus, I was alerted to an endowment fund used to assist in student based fundraisers. A dear friend of mine, John Berens, informed me that the on campus restaurant Dale’s Sports Lounge provided financial assistance and a venue to host fundraisers. Having secured the contact information of Nick Evenson, the person tasked with distributing those funds, I pitched the idea of hosting the Giving Tuesday Fundraiser at Dale’s. With overwhelming support from the class, I shared the contact information with the Marketing and Logistics Team. As we moved forward with this pursuit, a meeting was set up and I was invited to attend. As sole person able to attend the meeting, I sat down with Nick and had a very productive conversation. Within a half hour, I had secured English 306 a student raffle complete with venue, a set date, an unlimited nacho bar curtesy of Dale’s, and financial assistance in acquiring raffle prizes. After my meeting and a brief email conversation with drew, I put together an outline for the Dale’s Fundraiser that would take place on Giving Tuesday.

SAFAC Information and Application

With the need for advertising all the fundraising opportunities English 306 worked to create, there was also the need of a printing budget. As an college academic course, we were not automatically granted. We needed to figure out how to secure the money through other means. SAFAC provided those means. SAFAC is the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee. It consists of a panel of students who hear proposals for a sum of money towards a student oriented cause. Having experience with SAFAC applications and requirements, I moved forward with a printing proposal and SAFAC hearing.  I first present all the basic SAFAC information to my team and classmates. Once it was confirmed we did want to move forward with this and had a sit down meeting with the head of SAFAC, John Seckel, I completed the application. Two days after submitting it to the committee, I had a brief hearing with them to discuss what English 306 was requesting funds for. Five minutes after the hearing had ended, I received email confirmation that I secured the necessary printing funds.