Fundraising Toolbox

The Fundraising Toolbox produced by the Vision and Editing team could not have been done without extreme collaboration. Starting the toolbox with two team members, we divided the work evenly. Sierra would do social media posts, Emily would to personal email templates, and I would draft business email templates. As things were added to the needs list of the toolbox, Emily and I would do our best to divide and conquer.

Business Email Drafts
My initial email drafts were geared toward small and big businesses. Both templates were created with an “ask” in mind. They were eventually to be used as templates any participant in the Giving Tuesday Fundraiser could use to secure donations or sponsorship. Portions of the emails are set in brackets. This is to highlight the text that can be taken and swapped with updated information. I chose to do this because any tool used in fundraising needs to be able to change and adapt as the fundraiser’s needs evolve.

Creative Fundraising Ideas Draft
Not everyone is comfortable with sending out a formal email or posting on social media when asking for money. It’s a hard thing to do and can deter people from participating in fundraising efforts. To combat this, I drafted Creative Fundraising Ideas. Because fundraising toolboxes are an extremely popular and useful tool, creating original ideas is nearly impossible. I pulled from my own experience with personal fundraising and turned to the internet to create an extensive list for BCCG and FCG to pull from if they saw a need for them. The ideas I included in my draft were determined based on audience. I wanted to create an all age inclusive tool and I did exactly that.

The pitches were requested further into the drafting process. Originally, we just had our mission statement double as a pitch. After receiving feedback from Beth and Drew, they provided us with a more concrete outline of what they were looking for in a Fundraising Toolbox and asked us to provided general email text, a set of pitches based off of a Forbes article, and thank you text. Emily tackled the general email and thank text while I tackled the pitches. Because I am was only a committee member in the scope of BCCG and FCG, I provided multiple options for some of the pitches. This was to allow for those who are members of BCCG and FCG to select the ones they feel best fit their needs.

Consolidated Draft
After Emily and I communicated that our separate portions of the toolbox were finalized, we compiled all of our work into a single document. Additional parts of the toolbox added to this draft are the description of toolbox use and a brief description of FCG. This consolidated document is the rough draft for the Fundraising Toolbox that was to be presented to FCG.



While not all the work produced by the Vision and Editing Team made it into the finalized FCG Fundraising Toolbox, I would like to acknowledge my two team partners: Sierra Severin and Emily Boland. While Sierra’s time with the team was cut short, she was an invaluable member who helped Emily and I see a different side to the vision we worked to create. Emily truly shone as a team member and provided much needed support as we juggled multiple assignments and needed to reassign the work that needed to be done. Thank you for amazing collaboration and support throughout English 306.