Professional Documents

English 306: Professional Writing proved that my commitment needed to far surpass set class hours, which I tracked in a time sheet for my own personal growth and motivation in order to maintain productive time management.

Throughout my time as a member of Vision and Editing within the scope of this course, I produced bodies of work in multiple capacities within and outside our main goals.

Invention –
When my team and I struggled to really formulate what work we produced outside of the StyleSheet and Fundraising Toolbox, Drew introduced us to the concept of invention. As Drew states in an email, “invention is the process of exploring all the available resources/ideas/strategies for writing a thing.” I worked continuously with my team to create, reimagine, and expand on what we as a class could do for our community partners. While it cannot always be clearly seen in the written form, I have provided several documents that track my collaboration and creativity.

Style Sheet –
The Style Sheet originally started out as a style board I put together to help us better visualize what we were working with. Sierra, Emily, and I looked over the BCCG Style Sheet provided to us by Bethany Thier. After a brief meeting to discuss what we felt would provide English 306 with the best image, it was decided to keep our Style Sheet simple and in line with BCCG. We later were provided with the FCG Style Sheet and were very happy that ours coincided with theirs as well.

Fundraising Toolbox –
Inspired by my previous work as part of the Fundraising and Sponsorship Team of St. Norbert College’s Dance Marathon, I suggested that a Fundraising Toolbox would be extremely beneficial. Having the most experience with this particular tool and having worked directly with English 306’s fundraising host, my team took the task of creating our own. Emily and I worked diligently on producing a template toolbox that could be used by BCCG and/or FCG in the future.