Cover Letter

To whom this may concern:

It is through English 306: Professional Writing that I was able to showcase my excellence in project management. Presented with this experimental course whose goal was a fundraiser goal with no concrete timeline or plan, it became clear to me I would need to step up as a leader to produce a successful outcome.

After the initial introduction of our service-oriented partners, Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens (BCCG) and Friends of the Community Gardens (FCG), my class was tasked with assisting them in raising the funds necessary to start the Friends of the Community Garden Fund. This fund is to be an endowment that allows community gardens to remain productive and financially stable.

My contributions and project management skills are seen through my work as key member of the Vision and Editing Team. Having the adopted the roles of invention and maintaining a clear aesthetic and mission, I implemented the five key components of project management: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

I initiated the creation of a Style Sheet, Fundraising Toolbox, and a student based fundraiser that would take place on Giving Tuesday. It was from these three bodies of work that sparked the other teams in the class to move forward with their own work.

As the teams progressed with their individual work, I moved forward with planning how to best produce a successful fundraiser. Utilizing the network I built within the St. Norbert College community, I made contact with a manager of an on campus restaurant, Dale’s Sports Lounge. After having a successful meeting with the manager, I secured my class a raffle night at Dale’s with financial support. I was able to further integrate ourselves within the SNC community by applying and securing additional financial support through the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.

While I was securing the raffle night, I was also executing the drafting of the Style Sheet and Fundraising Toolbox. Having delegated the work load within my team, we were able to produce a finalized Style Sheet for English 306 and a Fundraising Toolbox that FCG could potentially utilize in future fundraising endeavors. Keeping deadlines in mind, my team and I worked diligently to meet set deadlines as well as prioritize our work according to the needs of the class and community partners.

The monitoring and controlling component of project management was practiced throughout the entirety of English 306. My team met regularly outside of class to update one another on our progress. The communication channels between us and our community partners was open and proved fruitful as we adjusted to the evolving needs of our fundraiser. We also had set class times which proved useful as we gave team reports every Friday to ensure all teams were on the same page and working towards the same goal.

Within the scope of completing our initial goals, I was an valuable member of English 306 who provided leadership, creativity, and demonstrated effective project management. The result of my efforts is shown through the professional documents I produced throughout the planning and organization of the fundraiser. It is further shown through the end result of English 306’s fundraising efforts. We far surpassed our initial fundraising goal and the Friends of the Community Garden are project to surpass their own as well.

For a closer look at my role, I invite you to view professional documents I produced and contributed to throughout my participation in English 306: Professional Writing.

If you wish to explore my experience outside of the scope English 306, I have provided a link to my résumé for you to view if you wish.

Katherine de Guia