Professional Biography

I have known since I was six years old that I wanted to major in English. Now in my senior year of college, I only needed one more English course to complete my major requirements. I knew I didn’t want an easy course or a course that would only offer me theoretical knowledge of the literary field. I needed something that would provided me with concrete skills I could use once I graduate and enter the work force.

English 306: Professional Writing offered all that and more.

Going into the course, I had little expectations to do more than write and rewrite resumes and cover letters or how to sound professional in emails. It would have been tedious work but I viewed it as necessary as it has been instilled in me since middle school that a knock out cover letter and resume were a necessity if I ever wanted to find a job and that I needed to be able to sound professional in emails to be taken seriously.

Now that I have successfully completed this course, I realize how naive I was and how much I had grown as not only a student, but as young professional.

While participating in English 306, I was pushed beyond my limits in terms of identity, collaboration, and class expectations. With a living syllabus, no set grading scale, and a project that seemed to change courses every day, I learned to utilize the skills I already possessed on a higher caliber.

Having prior experience with organizing fundraisers and events, I found myself voicing my opinions more and more whenever I saw the class coming to a standstill or taking an approach I didn’t necessarily agree with. I learned to provided constructive criticism and proposed viable solutions whenever I voiced an issue. While it is important to always address a problem, it is even better to address a problem with a potential solution to maximize productivity and group moral.

As the course progressed, I worked in tandem with Emily Boland, the other half to my Vision and Editing Team. It was my team that provided the class as well as BCCG and FCG with “Grow Better Together,” a phrase that would go from a fundraising slogan to a mission statement seen on every advertising tool produced. From there, we collaborated on providing English 306 a unified look that fit well with our community partners and provided a draft of fundraising tools they would be able to use in the future. I was also introduced to the concept of invention, something I have always done but was never able to put a name to until now.

For a closer look at the work I contributed, I invited you to explore the professional documents I produced throughout the semester.

To see on a broader scale the impact of the work English 306 did, please view this letter from Bethany Thier, a community consultant who worked closely with my class throughout the entirety of our work.