Professional Documents 3

In my third research brief, Food Security Overview, I focused on how food security is something that many families do no meet the requirements for. This brief touches on the topics of access to adequate food and how having access positively effects every aspect of life. Also, this brief looks at the true definition of food security and what being food secure actually all entails.

When creating this document, I utilized the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as my main source of information.  I condensed the information provided, and pulled key information and definitions out to help aid other groups in the creations of their pieces. After doing that, I looked into other case studies that look at how being food secure impacts you life versus how being food insecure effects your life. I used the CDC to find supplement cases that provided more information pertaining specifically to how eating health foods can effect you life and what people need to do to become food secure. By combining both of these sources I was able to pull enough information to argue that the presence of community gardens can help make families more food secure. Also I utilized the BCCG white paper to pull from local information to compare to what the USDA and CDC presented. Throughout the creation of this document, Professor Drew Scheler provided feedback that both challenged and pushed the limits on academic correctness and effective information presentation.

This brief touches on all aspects of food security and the impact that it has on our everyday life. Being food secure impacts both mental and physical health of children and young adults. Community gardens can help eliminate food insecurity a little at a time, so lets make the difference and get gardening today!