Research Brief 1: Health Benefits of Community Gardening

In my first research brief, Health Benefits of Community Gardening Brief,  it was my goal to touch on professional articles at the national level that focused directly on the health benefits that community gardening provided. This document focused on eating more health and promoting community involvement by participating in the community gardens that existed in their communities. Also, it was found that communities often have a lack of adequate food and as a result of this, both children and adults suffer both mentally and physically.

When creating this research brief, I utilized the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as my main source for the benefits these garden provide. From the CDC, I branched off into articles that the CDC cited when creating its document. From these sources, I was able to pull out specific evidence and information that aided in the creation of our Sponsorship and Donor Information Packet and for the use in other groups needs for this fundraiser. Also, I utilized the BCCG’s white paper to back up the national statistics to show how participating in community gardening can promote a healthier life style. Throughout the creation of this document, Professor Drew Scheler provided feedback that both challenged and pushed the limits on academic correctness and effective information presentation.

Not all of my brief was used, but this brief was used in both the creation of our fundraiser and in the future with the Brown County Community Gardens program. Also, the facts presented in my brief were used in on our Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program Facebook page to present facts to those who follow and like the page.