Social Media Contributions

In today’s day and age, social media is being utilized for advertising and promoting certain products or services. Throughout our classes collaboration and coordination with the Brown County Community Gardens program we were able to utilize their Facebook page to post important information about the fundraiser that we were putting together. Also, while preparing our social media posts, we also created Friends of the Community Gardens Facebook page that show first hand accounts from the gardens that get involved with this organization. Below you can see the contribution I made by sharing posts about our Grow a Meal Campaign and our Education Event put on for students and employees of the college.

Grow a Meal Campaign social media post

Education Event social media post

Here are the links to the Facebook pages for both the Brown County Community Gardens and the Friends of the Community Gardens. On these pages, you will see the events that were created and put forth in order to successfully reach out goal!

Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program Facebook page

Friends of the Community Gardens Facebook page

If you have any further questions regarding our social media campaign please feel free to contact me via email.