Cover Letter

To whom it may concern:

In my Professional Writing class at Saint Norbert College, I worked on preparing and condensing research data for use within our fundraiser and within the Brown County Community Gardens Program (BCCG).

Throughout our fundraising efforts, the contributions myself and my group mates made were information and data pertaining to community gardens programs on both a national and local level. In order to do this efficiently, a collection of official documents and journals were collected through research done by all members of our Professional Writing class. After these documents were evaluated for authenticity and factual correctness, our team was in charge of condensing and pull out the most important evidence to support the growth and promotion of community gardens within the great Brown County area. The creation of these documents were subject to feedback from Drew Scheler, our professor. The collection of data and reworking of information took several class periods and required hours of work outside of class. By utilizing organizations like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Psychological Association (APA), I was able to pull information from cases and experiments that were conducted to give evidence to other groups for use in our fundraising efforts.

Through collaboration and cooperation of all groups within our class, I was able to contribute pieces that were very valuable in pushing donors to believe the community gardens and want to support the growth of BCCG. My writing was essential within this project when our fundraising team solicited donations and developing a data base for further use in the future. Our teams work will set the BCCG up for success in the future, and create a base for fundraisers to come.

Best Regards,

Joel Krawczyk, Saint Norbert College ’17