My name is Joel Krawczyk and I am a senior Business Administration Major with Pre-Law Certification. After graduation in December, I plan on attending law school to become a corporate attorney. Upon graduation from law school, I plan to hold a position at a firm based out of Chicago.

My passion for law came from shadowing two attorneys that were based out of Green Bay who both represented a very large firm out of Chicago in the Green Bay area. I got to partake in preparing case briefs, interacting with police reports, and also sat in on many cases to get a first hand taste for what it was like to be apart of our legal system. Law is a field that is comprised of analyzing prior cases and strategically coming to a decision that is backed by the decisions of those before you. To me, it a field that constantly challenges you to break the “standard” and be the first one to have a decision that makes history. This constant challenge sparked a interest within myself as I am not an individual that likes to take no as an answer. The attorneys that I shadowed open my eyes to a way of thinking that I would never have experienced by constantly asking the questions why.

The next step in my professional career is  to pursue something that is very meaningful to myself and my family. Through the hard work that will be put in during my attending of law school, it will both challenge and develop who I am as a person. During the summer of 2018, I plan to shadow two more attorneys that deal with the corporate world daily, and can show me the tricks of the trade. Hopefully, through the experience that I gained from shadowing and the education I receive, I will be able to obtain a position in corporate law the both challenges me and pushes me to be the next attorney that makes history.

Here is my resume: Joel Krawczyk’s Resume

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