Professional Documents 3: Thank You Letters

When doing work in collaborating with others, it is important to express gratitude for even the smallest of contributions. In this case, there was a student and three offices on campus that exemplified our mission of communio at St. Norbert College. At the end of the fundraiser, we all worked together to create individual “thank you” letters for specific departments on campus.

John Berens, a senior Communication major and Theatre Studies minor was generous enough to support our fundraiser by purchasing several raffle tickets. John’s selfless demeanor has been admired by the Greek community, the theatre department, and his peers. In his “thank you” letter, I made sure to highlight John’s specific contribution while informing him of the impact he had on the community gardens. Drawing from my experiences with John, I remained honest to his giving spirit.

The contribution from Sandy Murphy, the Director of the Emmaus Center was immensely valued. Sandy and the Emmaus Center generously sponsored funds for our printing costs.

After writing the “thank you” letter to Sandy Murphy, it was adapted to say thank you to other campus sponsors: the Leadership, Student Engagement, & First Year Experience Office, and the Sturzl Center. These offices contributed to our printing costs for fliers, posters, etc.

Berens Thank You (1)

Emmaus Thank You

LSE Thank You

Sturzl Thank You