Professional Document 2: “Us” Poem for #GivingTuesday Raffle

With my background in poetry, I was asked by my instructor to either create a poem or read one of my published pieces for the raffle. I decided to write a new poem for this occasion because I was very moved by the mission of the community gardens as a whole.

In my opinion, relationships are one of the most essential aspects to develop a person. Additionally, relationships in the community setting has allowed this organization to thrive in more ways than one. Relationships make the world go round so I decided to incorporate a relationship with food in this poem.

Poetry is not always seen as professional or formal, but I must say it does have a place in the professional realm. This type of writing calls for creativity, openness, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. All of which contributes to a person’s effectiveness in any professional platform.

The poem is entitled “Us” for a reason. I wanted the title to be something simple since the poem itself is filled with such imagery and depth. Sharing food or a meal with someone constitutes a bond or meaningful relationship of some sort which requires vulnerability. In my professional and person development, I find that transparency is key to success and growth. In this poem, I find personal and social connections to give the audience a sense of the project as well as an opportunity to reflect on their own lives.

Poem for #GivingTuesday Raffle