Professional Document 1: Proposal for LSE

This proposal was written to Shelly Mumma, the Director of the Leadership, Student Engagement, and First Year Experience (LSE) office. Shelly agreed to sponsor an amount for printing costs for the fundraiser.

This proposal was adapted from one of my team member’s proposals to another office on campus. Tyler Radant included specific details for the Sturzl Center while including important information involving the mission of our fundraiser. Going forward, I used his proposal as a skeleton for my own to build on. The proposal was constructed to appeal to LSE to sponsor funds for the fundraiser to grow the community gardens.

Collaboration was a key component in the overall success of this proposal. Tyler gave me the pieces and I only had to fill in the blanks. Since I work for LSE as a Student Coordinator, a relationship with Shelly was already established so that she could better understand the mission of the gardens as well as our goal for the class. In the end, we received a generous sponsorship, support for an education and service event, and a foundation for a lasting partnership.

LSE Proposal-Marketing & Logistics Team