I am Jasmine Babineaux, a junior at St. Norbert College. I created an individualized major combining the fields of Business Management and English Writing. Also, I am a published poet with one chapbook under my belt. I continue to work on poetry as well as short narratives that are a part of the fiction, nonfiction, and personal genres. This Professional Writing class in collaboration with the community gardens has developed my writing as a whole. I have expanded my scope beyond poetry, short stories, and formal emails. Poetry requires much vulnerability, creativity, and intention. My goal as an aspiring writer was to incorporate my already developed skills into a professional writing while maintaining my authenticity.

My team, Marketing and Logistics, were able to create a number of proposals for sponsorship for our #givingtuesday fundraiser. My team and I created several of the fundraisers events to ensure that the campus was fully aware our presence. These events stemmed from our knowledge of the community gardens along with the importance of food justice.

Marketing & Logistics work