Project Overview

As previously mentioned in my cover letter, my individual role within the fundraiser was as part of the Advertising and Social Media Relations Team. Our arm of the project focused predominantly on creating exposure for the FCG and our fundraiser in partnership with them. This came in the form of both a press release and social media campaign which had other important documents attached to them. All of these were disseminated throughout the St. Norbert College and local communities. However, before this was possible, both documents went through planning and revision in order to ensure their success and cohesion within the fundraiser.

Initially, it was important that our group create an outline for the goals that we wished to accomplish throughout the semester. This came in the form of a project proposal. To create this document, all members of the group (Mack Ziegler, Brendan Healy, and myself) needed to collaborate. Collaboration was necessary here, and throughout the entire project, to make sure that all of our ideas were being represented and our goals being met. After negotiating the specifics of our project with our professor, we were able to present a finalized version of the portfolio which we would follow for the remainder of the semester.

My responsibilities within our group were to write the press release and posts for our social media campaign. These were both important because they were our key documents that highlighted the purpose and goal of the fundraiser. However, it was equally important that my group members helped to promote and add to these documents in order for them to effectively find their way into the community. This work by our team was then helpful for the overall fundraiser because it increased our audience. All of the work that everyone was doing was great, but our work specifically helped get what they had done out into the community.

Even though we had a finished proposal in place, our project still changed as the semester went on. In fact, our ability to adapt along the way is something that added to the success of our contributions. We learned that in a professional setting, there may be other variables that you cannot initially foresee, and being able to effectively respond to these is key. This meant that we dropped some responsibilities and picked up some others. Specifically, my group member Brendan was tasked with writing a social media ethics statement to coincide with the personal features on our FCG Facebook page. Without this, we would not have been upholding ethical standards for releasing personal information about these individuals, so making that adaptation was very important. Additionally, Mack picked up the responsibility of sending emails out to different media outlets to publish the press release and share our Facebook posts. This ensured that our well-crafted documents were actually reaching the intended audience and promoting the fundraiser.

We then measured the success of our work through the fundraiser itself. As I said, the main goal of our team was to promote the fundraiser to the St. Norbert College and local communities. The fact that we sold nearly 150 raffle tickets, raised roughly $1,000.00 through our partnership with Waseda Farms, reached over 1,500 people with our posts, and received an estimated $3,464.00 in donations overall, all speak to our ability to get the information into the right hands. Personally, I could not be more thrilled with how our work was able to impact the local community.