Professional Documents

There were many professional documents that myself and my classmates produced over the duration of this fundraiser that made an impact in the local community. My work, though, actually began prior to this semester. This past summer, I had the opportunity to work as an undergraduate research assistant to Dr. Scheler. During that time, I helped him to craft a white paper that could inform political decision making regarding one specific community gardens program: The Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program. I worked through years of data to create working graphs and appendices that are now a part of the published white paper.

From there, my work continued into the context of ENGL 306. There, I left my researching responsibilities behind and took up a role involving social media. The documents I produced within my group included a press release and functioning social media campaign. Both of these played integral roles in the success of our fundraiser and were new mediums for me to explore in writing.

Finally, I also produced thank you letters to show appreciation for the help that different community members offered our class throughout the fundraiser. While these cards didn’t reach as many people as the other documents that I produced, they were still a crucial part of our class’s work. It was important that we gave credit to those who helped us along the way to get to the successful point where we ended up.

Each body of documents was valuable for me to work on in its own way and taught me something new about working in a professional setting. Within each of their subsequent tabs, I expand more upon the skills that I implemented within the documents and the success that they had as part of our fundraiser.