Growing up in Wisconsin has been both a blessing and a curse. As a member of a six-person family, with two older siblings and one younger, I’m no stranger to blending in. In fact, the whole state itself seems to be very set on blending into the background of the American narrative. At times I’m thankful for the peace and quiet, the ability to gather my thoughts and go throughout the day blissfully unaware of the pressing issues that don’t always seem to make their way into small town Appleton, Wisconsin. Other days, I lament the seeming isolation of my hometown, yearning to live in a big city, at the heart of it all.

I’ve crafted my area of study around the desire to be more involved in the world around me. While I’ve been passionate about English since a young age, I’ve developed a new interest in recent years that not everyone is aware of. On top of my English major, I am also pursuing a major in Political Science. This additional area of study allows me to actively seek out political knowledge on both a domestic and international scale. In combination with English, my studies offer a well-rounded view of how society has taken form. Literature provides me with a background on human interaction, as well as helpful tools for communication and expressing my thoughts. On the other hand, my endeavors in political science have made me more well versed in the current issues circulating in society.

Ideally, moving forward, I would like to combine both English and Political Science in whatever career path I choose. At this point in time, my plan is to pursue law school. I thrive off of understanding relationships, and a career in international politics fits that mold to a tee. In my career, I want to be both culturally immersed and intellectually challenged. International law combines these two elements by engaging in the ever-changing realm of diplomatic relations and world issues. As I continue on academically, I’ll carry the skills that I’ve accrued throughout my studies with me. Understanding how the world works is a foundational element not only in work, but in every area of one’s life, and I strive to mirror that every day.