Over the course of my collegiate career, I’ve had many experiences that have altered me as a student, my involvement in ENGL 306: Professional Writing being one of them. Originally, I took this course as a means to improve the presentation of any formal documents that I write; what I got was so much more! Not only did I see my writing skills improve, but I was able to experience a truly collaborative professional setting. Instead of sitting through lectures every day, we as students were encouraged to branch out of our comfort zones and into the community.

Specifically, through the class’s partnership with a local community organization, The Friends of the Community Gardens (FCG), we were able to see our contributions make a difference in real time. FCG’s main goal is to protect, support, and grow local community gardens programs. Our professor, Dr. Drew Scheler, saw importance in this initiative, and jumpstarted a partnership between our academic institution and the organization. Thanks to this, we have helped FCG to reach its goal of beginning an endowment that will help support community gardens programs in the greater Green Bay area for years to come.

This professional portfolio serves to highlight the different skills that I have developed over the course of the past few months. Within it, I will describe how I was challenged to utilize new academic tools in the setting of a community engaged fundraiser. Both academic sources and personal experiences shall serve as evidence for the success that I found in implementing these new tools. After reading what I have to offer, I hope that you will see my capacity to flourish in a collaborative environment and adapt to the ever-changing world of professional writing.