Project Overview

As the Visioning and Editing team, our main purpose was to generate and maintain a ‘stylesheet’ that would be used for formatting the work of the other teams, and to formulate a vision statement for the class and for the community partners.  This changed frequently over the course of the class.  Since the class was only a semester, and the groups were generating work so rapidly, we quickly realized that there would be no way for us to look at every piece that was being sent out.  However, it did become clear that a ‘Fundraising Toolbox’ would provide incredibly useful information for the FCG.  We spent the rest of our time working on this toolbox as well as working with Dale’s Sports Lounge — a dining option popular with SNC students — to generate a raffle fundraiser.

Our team created the vision statement which represented the entire fundraiser and became the mission statement for the FCG – “Grow Better Together” – and worked to get fundraising for some of our printing budgets.

You can access our project proposal here to find out how our work with this fundraiser can be assessed.