Letter of Collaboration

As our project proposal stated, collaboration was a section that we felt our team’s effectiveness could be evaluated on since we had to be in constant communication with one another and with members of the class and community.  As such, I wrote a letter of collaboration that displays how our team effectively worked with others to work on and finalize projects.

In order to create this document, it was necessary for me to go back through old emails, text messages, etc. in order to gather the full extent of our collaboration with each other and others.  Just as most groups encounter issues with communication, so did we.  There were times where we would not receive any responses to certain questions but, luckily, we were able to move past these issues and resolve them ourselves.

This document was effective in displaying our collaboration which is displayed by Drew Scheler’s feedback.  In his letter of evaluation, Drew wrote, “the information [from my letter] provided me with enough to recognize that your group collaborated well internally, in spite of real setbacks that were both mentioned and unmentioned.”  He went on to comment on the success of our collaboration with the FCG, stating, “With regards to FCG, they wanted to make it clear that they appreciated your ability to advocate and inform our partnership by representing the experience, skills, and values of SNC students. The student raffle was a result of that advocacy, and wouldn’t have existed without your work” (Scheler, Drew. “Letter of Evaluation”).