Cover Letter

To whom it may concern:

Throughout this semester, my English 306: Professional Writing Class has worked together to fundraise for the Friends of the Community Gardens.  After the few first weeks, we were all split up into different groups and I was placed into the Visioning and Editing Team with two others, Kathy and Sierra.  Unfortunately, this group shrunk when Sierra had to leave for personal reasons.  Our team worked to come up with ideas of how to fundraise as well as created a Fundraising Toolbox. This toolbox will help the FCG continue their fundraising after our class is finished working with them to meet their goal of $1,000,000 for their endowment fund.  

Our work in the Visioning and Editing Team was much less clear and concrete as some of the other groups since much of our work was, as my professor has told me time and time again, necessary “invention”.  This resulted in the generation of some products that were not used in a formal manner but that helped push the class and the FCG forward and gave them ideas of how to go about the work. As a group, we effectively collaborated with each other as well as with the members of the class, the community partners, and our professor/lead editor.  You can see how we fully collaborated in the letter of collaboration I wrote.      

Perhaps the most important piece that came out of our team was the creation of the phrase “Grow Better Together” which our professor said “represents the three most important and oft-repeated words written for FCG this semester . . . [which] came out of your group’s intensive brainstorming, idea-gathering, and drafting.”  Out of our team’s invention process also came a large portion of the fundraiser — the raffle at Dale’s Sports Lounge.  As a result of our work, our class was able to raise $105 from the raffle tickets sold and gained $265 in sponsorship money from Dale’s.  This $105 will go to a different cause than we originally thought albeit an extremely important one.  The money raised, instead of going towards the endowment fund, will help fund one day of vacation time to one of the community partners, the coordinator of the BCCG!  This is such an amazing thing because, previously, she had no paid vacation.

My writing and work contributed to this class and to the overall fundraiser was key in pushing everybody forward and will help the FCG in their future endeavors.  The work done has also contributed in a great amount to my skills as a writer and critical thinker.  I invite you to view all of this work in the Professional Document pages.    

Thank you,

Emily Boland