Project Overview

Sponsor and Donor Relations Project Proposal

During this project, the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team and I were tasked with the Sponsor and Donor Packet as well as any other tasks necessary to solicit donations to FCG. Our team’s work was integral in gathering larger donations from the greater community. The packet has already been used in two donation asks and will continue to be used for many years to come. We also succeeded in gathering a large donation from Waseda Farms, which will be presented to FCG at the end of November 2017.

Our collaboration as a team was effective and overall excellent. We worked together in some areas and divvied up the work in others. For instance, we collectively wrote the cover letter to Waseda Farms, but took separate sections of the Sponsor and Donor Packet (though we collaborated towards the end). There were instances where one picked up the others’ slack, but these were rare and fair. We all took the leadership role at some point during our collaboration, which was something that worked well for us.

Our work can, and should assessed through various means, but mainly by the quality of the packet and letters. It can be assessed by the quality of the writing and organization of our written work. It can also be assessed by our works’ greater impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The packet and cover letter can be assessed by how well it conveyed the message to sponsors and donors, the quantity and quality of sponsors and donors reached, and even by the monetary levels of donations. We created a goal to raise just over $500 this semester, and due to our collaborative, diligent, and creative writing and volunteerism, we have already secured greater than $3500, with more coming. Our work can also be assessed by the feedback from our community partners, which has been described as “extremely impressive,” “great,” and has driven FCG forward as an organization.