Thank You Letters

These are two thank you letters, showcasing my gratitude for two very different reasons.

The first is a thank you note written to Cheryl Williams, coordinator of FCG and a long-time volunteer with Brown County Community Gardens. She, among others from Brown County Community Gardens came to speak to our class, and two of us in English 306 wrote thank-you notes for Cheryl. In this letter, I thanked Cheryl for not only speaking to our class, but also for her dedicated work with FCG. I wanted to communicate to Cheryl that her work does not go unnoticed. My specific contributions to William’s thank you note were that most of my professional writing was chosen. In the provided link, you may view my rough draft, and updated version. Emily Boland’s writing is showcased as well in the provided link. Her paragraph was inserted into the middle of my two paragraphs written in my updated version.

The second thank you note is a thank you note to our first major donor,Brian and Carol Bruess. I wrote this in collaboration with another Sponsor and Donor Relations Team member, Katie Hopkins. In this letter, we thanked the Bruess’ for their generous donation and dedication to enhancing the community. We reiterated that their donation will benefit the gardeners of the Brown County Community Gardens and would be managed by the Greater Green Bay Foundation. My contribution to the Bruess’ thank-you letter included phrasing such as “Thank you for helping us ‘grow better together!'” and “Your donation not only ensured continued growth of BCCG, but also provided our fundraiser with the fuel it needed.” Hopkins also contributed greatly to the final version. It was truly a collaborative effort! 

My level of gratitude and appreciation for these two major community partners cannot be understated and hopefully becomes evident through these thank you notes.