Waseda Farms Application

Skip the Bag Program Please Application

This letter was written as a cover letter to the Waseda Farms “Skip the Bag Please” (SBP) Program Application. SBP is a program in which Waseda Farms donates $1 for each customer who chooses to not use a bag, or use their own bags in taking home their groceries.

The goal of this letter was to inspire Waseda Farms to choose FCG to donate to in the month of November. It was our goal in this letter to convey to Waseda Farms that both of our organizations stand for similar topics. We also explained that FCG is in need of funding to continue to allow and grow community gardening in Brown County, and that they can assist with this by choosing our organization as the recipient of their SBP money raised in November. We created a back page with information and “fast facts” about Brown County Community Gardens which were thoughtfully chosen and presented.

It is difficult to discern who made what contributions to this cover letter, as this was written as a pure collaborative effort. Our team sat together and bounced ideas off of each other, each adding a sentence after the next. With that being said, however, I urge you to read through this email chain among our group members and team leader. Each round of revisions (three rounds over the span of two days) were completed by myself. I read each of our team leaders’ comments and made quick yet thoughtful revisions to this letter. In addition, you will find in one of the emails “Be still my beating heart, this is great work,” praise from our team leader. This on its own speaks to the scholarly, thoughtful, and swift work that our team completed.

To conclude, we indeed were chosen by Waseda Farms to be the recipient for their donation! We are expecting to raise at least $1000 in the month of November!