FCG Sponsor and Donor Packet

FCG Sponsor Donor Packet

The Sponsor and Donor packet is undoubtedly my most professional, valuable piece of work written in English 306. I mainly wrote the Major Donors section, but also contributed to the cover letter and devising incentives for potential donors and sponsors. I wrote the majority of the major donors section, including the introductory paragraph, organization of giving drafts, calculations of economic relief, and the match donation section. I made revisions to the cover letter, and created a few sponsorship incentives, such as an announcement in the BCCG newsletter. Moreover, I added revisions in a timely matter: when our team leader requested a land donation section, I quickly responded with a land donation draft, which was included in the final packet (see page 8).

In this packet, we collaborated (evidenced in several strings of comments and open lines of communication among the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team) to create a document that explains the wide-ranging benefits of FCG, why these potential donors and sponsors should give to FCG, different ways to give, and benefits they will receive in giving. We explained the benefits of community gardens as a whole, as well as benefits specific to Brown County Community Gardens and the FCG. In the Sponsor and Donor Packet, we used specific and concise language in order to frame the problem of insufficient funding and explain how our audience can amend this. In particular, my team and I proposed a problem of inadequate funding and land for the FCG, and put it in potential donors’ and sponsors’ hands to help solve this problem through various means.

Graphic Design was completed by one of our community partners, Bethany Thier. Through this project, I collaborated with the graphic designer, and in doing so, I understood the value of working with a graphic designer. Thier donated her time in order to take this piece of writing to the next level. Consider a snippet of the Major Donors Section that I wrote, before and after graphic design:

Major Donors Section without Graphic DesignMajor Donors Section with Graphic Design

It is evident by these pictures what graphic design can do to a piece of writing. With clear, concise, and strong writing, Thier enhanced the packet to become one that potential donors and sponsors can take seriously.

This packet has been described by our team leader and community partners as “impressive,” clear and well-written, and motivating. It has inspired two major donors to give $500 each: Bellin Health and President and Dr. Bruess. Moreover, this packet is being used to project a $25,000 long-term sponsorship with Bellin Health. Our community partner claimed that because of the sponsorship packet, FCG has taken in four major donations and has scheduled conversations with other major donors. They have also claimed we have launched FCG forward by over a year. This packet has been instrumental in moving FCG as an organization forward:

Cheryl Feedback

Moreover, in a Sponsorship Feedback Letter written by our team leader, we receive praise and positive feedback for the impact of our packet. In it, the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team receives positive feedback for our directed writing towards particular sponsors and donors, adherence to the problem-framing writing strategy, level of collaboration, and dedication to the BCCG effort and mission. Our collaboration was praised for its ability to display one of the three pillars of action research-participation.

The Sponsor and Donor Packet was extremely successful and will surely continue to inspire more donations and forward movement of FCG in the weeks, months, and years to come.